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Mediation is a process where a neutral third party assists in negotiation towards a mutually beneficial settlement agreement.  Mediation is often mandatory, but the parties may voluntarily mediate their disputes without a court order.  Rebecca Leonard and Christina Finley have assisted in the successful resolution of hundreds of family law disputes.  They can help you work towards a resolution by ensuring that both parties have an opportunity to be heard, and proposing compromises that you may not have previously considered.  Mediation can be customized to address your specific dispute, whether it concerns the division of assets, child custody and parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance, or any combination.

Things you probably did not know about mediation:

  • Involved parties do not have to get along for mediation to work
  • Participants can consult with other professionals at any time
  • Mediation can be used for all or some aspects of a legal dispute
  • You can opt for mediation at any point during legal proceedings
  • Mediators do not offer legal advice or make decisions on your dispute

Collaborative law is another alternative to the adversarial process offered by the court system.  In collaborative law cases, the parties agree to keep their dispute out of the courtroom and each party is represented by a specially qualified attorney.  The collaborative law process may also involve the assistance of other professionals, including counselors and financial specialists.  The goal in collaborative law cases is to reach a fair settlement of all issues without the use of hostile practices.   Rebecca Leonard has been trained in collaborative law and can assist you in resolving your dispute without resorting to adversarial litigation.

If you think mediation is right for you, we can help.

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